Washington State Military Transition Council (WSMTC)

WSMTC Vision: 

The WSMTC creates enduring partnerships between public and private organizations that enables every service member to successfully transition into civilian employment and career opportunities in Washington.

The WSMTC Vision is closely aligned with Results Washington Goal 2 leading indicators:

  • Increase Employment Rate for Veterans from 67% to 70% by 2016.

  • Increase State Agency utilization of certified Veteran-owned small businesses to 5% by 2017.

WSMTC Organizational Chart


  • The Washington Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) commenced a multi-year project with the JBLM commander to develop an 18 month process map identifying actions necessary prior to release from action duty.
  • The WSMTC was the first of its kind relationship in the US.  Visit the WSMTC Background page to learn more about the process and history of this effort.

WSMTC Success:

  • 18 % of JBLM transitioning Service Members reported in DEC 11 that they had a job.  In April 2014, 42% of JBLM transitioning Service Members reported they had a job.

  • Camo2Commerce $5.6 M grant partnership- Sponsored off-site visits to: College Campuses, Union locations, Small Business Incubator sites

  • Created the JBLM NW Edge Program

  • Joint Career Days with SHRM agencies and Chambers of Commerce

  • Through the WSMTC, the WDVA partnered with Spokane, Clark, Pierce, King and Thurston Counties to develop Veteran Courts or Dockets to handle some veteran cases. Each County sets specific treatment and case management requirements to ensure veterans address the behavioral, substance abuse or other issues which contributed to their involvement in the criminal justice system. The goal of each program is to help the veteran reintegrate into their community through viable employment, safe shelter, and reunification with families.     

WSMTC Training Videos:

-WIOA Benefits & Resources (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act)