Washington Veterans Employee Resource Group (VERG)


The VERG exists to help integrate the experience, values, and knowledge of both veterans and service members in state employment.  This Employee Resource Group supports former and active military personnel and their families through a system of comprehensive activities and developmental opportunities.The Veteran Employee Resource Group (VERG) has partnered with JBLM ACAP and increased the number of transitioning Service Members who are gaining state employment, supporting the Veteran’s Fellowship Program, supporting NW Edge and site visits with State Agencies and co-sponsoring hiring events – 18 State Agencies were represented at Career Day!


  • Recruit veterans to state service through outreach and educational activities.

  • Retain veterans by providing a support structure, education, and career progression assistance

  • Recognize veterans by planning annual activities that honor their military and state service.


2018 State Agency Employer of the Year Award

Hello all-

It’s that time of year again!  The Washington State’s Veterans Employee Resource Group (VERG) is soliciting nominations for the third annual, VERG Employer of the Year Award.

Last year’s winner was the Department of Labor and Industries, who earned the award for hosting a multiple-agency career fair specifically for Veterans.  Further, they maintained long-term relationships with participants to offer support and guidance as they pursued their career searches and transition from military to civilian employment.  The 2016 award was presented to WaTech for their incredible internship program that helped bridge military Information Technology (IT) experience with civilian IT careers, easing the transition for many transitioning military service members.

Who will be next?

The intent of our award is to recognize a Washington state agency for making significant strides in supporting the objectives of Executive Order 13-01.  Specifically, in employing Veterans and in supporting transitioning service members throughout state government.

This will not be a numbers race to recognize the agency with the highest percentage of Veterans in their work force.  It’s an award to recognize the following:

  • Creativity and innovation in recruiting and hiring Veterans.
  • Development of Veterans in state employment
  • Efforts to involve Veterans in developing a culture inclusive of transitioning service members
  • Collaborative partnerships to increase support networks for state employed Veterans.

To nominate your agency (or another state agency), please use this link and follow the instructions to submit your nomination by midnight, 10/15/2018.

If you have questions about this award, please contact VERG-member, Betty DeVos at bettyd@dor.wa.gov.