Partners for Veteran Supportive Campuses MOU Signing

Since 2008 when the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill went into effect, Washington State campuses have seen a 209% increase in the number of veterans using their G.I. Bill.  This force of volunteer men and women has earned many benefits and entitlements and we rely on our higher education partners to refer veterans to our network of service providers who can ensure they’re connected to everything they’ve earned.

In 2009, Washington’s Governor and State Agencies came together to sign a Partners for Veteran Supportive Campuses Memorandum of Understanding emphasizing the importance of supporting the education goals of veterans as they returned home from war.  Since that time, 30 campuses have signed an individual Partner for Veteran Supportive Campuses Certificate and I’d like to thank them for their public commitment to our veterans.   

On November 21, 2014, Washington’s Governor and five state agencies signed an updated version of this MOU.  This new document reaffirms our state’s commitment made five years ago to our veterans and re-focuses our agencies on the important mission of helping veterans and their families achieve post-secondary education goals.

This updated MOU provides a more uniform way for campuses to attest or re-attest their commitment to their veteran population by applying for the Partners for Veteran Supportive Campuses Certificate. (The application and updated MOU are available at: )

Partners Certificates are offered to any post-secondary education or training institution operating in Washington State as long as the institution is approved by a Washington State Approving Authority to accept GI Bill benefits and must be renewed every two years.  

Please feel free to contact Vet Corps Program Manager, Jason Alves at or 360-725-2224, if you have any questions or need additional information.

Nov 21 MOU Signing Photo