Cemetery Phase II Expansion Project - MEDIA RELEASE

Cemetery Expansion Project

WDVA Veterans Cemetery, Medical Lake

The Washington State Veterans Cemetery, Medical Lake is currently undergoing construction as part of a $2.18 million federal grant.  With the site’s available 120 acres, the cemetery anticipates being able to support active burials for well over 65 years.  In order to do so, WDVA works through a collaborative agreement with the Federal VA to secure capital funds for ongoing site development.  This agreement also sets forth the requirements for maintaining national burial standards similar to those found at all of our national cemeteries. 

The facility will undergo periodic construction as part of a master plan that capitalizes on available federal funds dedicated solely for state veterans cemetery site development.  The entire project is expected to be completed in 2017 and will increase site security, provide additional burial capacity and improve existing infrastructure in order to continue to meet the end of life needs of eastern Washington and northern Idaho’s veterans and their families.  Specific elements of the grant include the addition of four Columbarium Walls with a total of 3,680 niches to serve as the final resting place for cremated veterans and their family. 

The state’s 75% cremation rate, second only to Nevada, has created a high demand on this interment option and the need for this expansion project 3-years ahead of original projections.  In addition to the columbarium walls, the grant will fund two Memorial Walls in the scatter garden.  A security fence will be erected that encircles the entire property to both protect assets and preserve burial grounds as a national shrine for America’s war heroes and their families.  Finally, modifications to the existing drainage system will be incorporated to improve the facility’s infrastructure.  The general contractor expects to complete some of the sub-surface work before winter sets in, at which point construction will be paused until Spring 2017 when ground conditions improve. 

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this construction may cause.  Please feel free to contact the cemetery director at 509-299-6280 with any concerns. 

PDF COPY: https://wdva.box.com/s/s53i9quobbcs5w20mffzcj625d5ywtx5