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 Thank you for considering a donation of time or money on behalf of Washington’s Veterans, Families and Servicemembers.  If you have questions or need additional information, please e-mail or call 1-800-562-0132 option ‘1’.

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By donating through the Washington State Combined Fund Drive:    

Do you work for an agency or employer that participates in the CFD?  If so, you can donate by selecting 0456860 on your donation form. 

Funds donated are divided three ways to benefit Washington Veterans and their families:

  • The Stewardship fund which goes toward the Washington State Veterans Cemetery in Medical Lake, WA and the Homeless Veterans Program to assist with immediate needs such as food, access to shelter, clothing, and transportation.
  • The Veterans Innovations Program which provides financial assistance to returnees and their families such as assistance with car repair, rent, insurance, and utilities.
  • The Betterment Fund Accounts at the veterans homes allow residents to go on outings, such as a special lunch or the movies. This also provides funds for family picnics or special projects.

Combined Fund Drive website

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Veterans in the State Veterans Homes

Our three Washington State Veterans Homes accept monetary donations, or donations of time or clothing/household items. You can find out more about the Veterans Homes at: http://www.dva.wa.gov/donation_ideas.html

Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan

The Veterans Innovations Program was created in 2006 to provide assistance to returnees from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and their families. More information on this program is available at:

 Veterans through Veterans Service Organizations - http://www.dva.wa.gov/vso_directory.html

 National Guard Members and their Families

The Minuteman Emergency Assistance Fund is funded totally by personal donations collected through CFC or by direct contributions.  If you are looking for a worthwhile charity to donate to, please consider it.  Donations are tax-deductible.  More information is available at: http://www.ngaw.org/NGAW%20Benefits/meaf.htm

Special fundraiser for the MinutemanEmergency Assistance Fund and Family Programs Fund. Make a $150.00 donation to receive a United States Flag, flown over a Forward Operating Base in Iraq. Click here to find out more

 Homeless Veterans –

WDVA offers several programs to assist homeless veterans focused on ensuring the veteran will be able to support themselves and their families in the future.  Types of assistance provided include; emergency food, shelter, transportation or other needs.  If you would like your donation to be used to serve homeless veterans, mail your donation to:
Veterans Stewardship Account / Homeless Veterans Program
PO Box 41150
Olympia, WA 98504

Eastern Washington State Veterans Cemetery

The Washington State Veterans Cemetery provides a needed service to our Veterans’ Community.  The Federal VA provided all funds needed to design and construct the cemetery and then Washington State is responsible for staffing and maintenance of the cemetery.  More information on the cemetery project is available at:  http://www.dva.wa.gov/eastern_wa_vet_cemetery.html  

If you’d like to help, mail your donation to:
Veterans Stewardship Account / State Veterans Cemetery
PO Box 41150
Olympia, WA 98504


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