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Hire a Veteran

Dear Washington State Business Owners and Employers:

What is the one thing that makes your business the best?

I’m guessing it’s your employees.

How would you describe a great employee?

Motivated, dedicated, high integrity, solution finder, team player.

What if I told you that I can find you employees with those traits, and they can make your business even better?

It’s true.

They are our recently separated military personnel and our National Guard and Reservists and they want to put the skills they learned in the military to work for you!

Sure, their resumes may look a little different than someone who went straight from high school to work or college, but take an extra minute or two to think about how their skill set may bring a different perspective and better balance to your workplace.

Think about the training they received in the military: navigating sophisticated computer systems, interpreting technical data and focusing on important deadlines. Imagine the dedication and commitment it takes to put your country above yourself. That sense of purpose and duty is an asset to any business.
These men and women raised their hand to defend our nation. As business owners and employers, now it’s our turn to look out for them.

Make a commitment to reach out to veterans when you have openings.

The easiest way to do that is to contact the Employment Security Department’s Veteran Service Program and WorkSource.

These employment experts can help you connect with a veteran who will make your business better. They can be reached at 1-877-453-5906 or HireaVet@esd.wa.gov .


John E. Lee


Gov. Gregoire Signs Legislation Simplifying Hiring of Washington Veterans
Washington State is the First in the Nation to Allow Corporate Veterans’ Preference Programs
OLYMPIA, WA (April 20, 2011) – An historic addition to Washington’s regulatory code was signed today that could open doors to broader hiring of veterans by private business.  When Governor Gregoire signed HB1432, permitting private employers to exercise a voluntary veterans’ preference in employment, Washington became the first state in the country to honor our veterans with this kind of employment preference.
Pictured from left: Ted Wicorek, J.W. Johnson, Booker Stallworth, Mike Gregoire, Gov. Christine Gregoire, Jim Robinson, Marjorie James, Rep. Jay Rodne, Sen. Jeff Baxter, David Black Jr., and Tom Hinman.

Veteran's Employment Preference Points