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The South Kitsap Fire and Rescue Department, recently removed the falling cross at the peek of the Chapel, at the WA Veterans Home.

Their generous assistance with this matter has made the Chapel a safe place to worship, as well as aesthetically pleasing.  Our residents are aware of their efforts, and are grateful for the continued community support.The Home's Chapel Cross is falling off the peek.

South Kitsap Fire & Rescue Dept.

The South Kitsap Fire and Rescue Department removed the falling cross.


Thanks to the Tacoma Harley Operators Group the annual Reno day event held in Chilson Hall at the Soldiers Home was a really big "DEAL"! There were 9 carnival booths set up, where residents tried their luck with different games. A Roulette table, Craps table, Black Jack and Poker tables where all full with eager players waiting to be "HIT". Wooden nickels were being collected left and right. Players ended up at the prize table where they could cash in their winnings! "LADY LUCK" was smiling down on all that day.

Reno Day at the Soldiers Home. Volunteers assist residents with carnival games. On to the next game table. Let's cash in all your chips.