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Incarcerated Veterans Reintegration Services

The Veteran's Incarcerated Reintegration Services, a joint project with King, Thurston and Clark Counties to address the needs of veterans’ incarcerated in County Correctional Facilities, offering alternatives to jail and referral to housing, employment services, and treatment. Many of the veterans have come to the jail due to un-treated drug and alcohol issues, poverty, homelessness, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The program provides:

  • transitional housing for veterans upon release from the jail,
  • assessment and referral to the Puget Sound VA Health Care System for treatment including drug, alcohol and mental health counseling,
  • job referral and placement services, and
  • assistance with court appearances and early release requirements.

July 2009 News Release on State and County Partnerships Serving Veterans
King County

Veterans Court Programs

Washington Courts Website - Veteran Court Information




For more information contact:

  • Brochure

  • Dennis Brown,
    WDVA Program Manager: DennisB@dva.wa.gov

    Fax # (206) 623-0200

  • Veterans Reintegration Services
    418 Second Avenue Extension S
    Seattle, WA  98104 

King County Veterans Incarcerated Project