Walla Walla Veterans Home: Open for Admissions and Ready to Serve Veterans!

The Walla Walla Veterans Home opened in June 2017 and is now accepting veterans, widows of veterans, and spouses of current residents needing nursing home care. 

This beautiful new facility provides nursing home level care in a small house environment complete with private bedrooms and bathrooms, and a kitchen and living room in each home.

Care may be provided at no cost to a veteran who has a service-connected disability rating of 70%-100%.  For these veterans, the Federal VA will pay the full cost of nursing home care, meaning that veterans may keep all of their VA, military, and personal retirement income. The same is also true for veterans with a service-connected disability that requires nursing home care, regardless of their disability rating.

Other forms of payment include Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and private pay.  Medicare rehabilitative services, for veterans with a qualifying hospital stay, are provided by highly trained staff, helping Veterans gain as much independence as possible before returning home.

State Veterans Homes also offer patriotic and recreational events throughout the year, making a State Veterans Home a great place to call home for Veterans and their families.

To contact the admissions coordinator at the Walla Walla Veterans Home call 509-394-6806 or email lonnal@dva.wa.gov.  For the Spokane, Port Orchard or Orting Homes, visit www.dva.wa.gov or call 1-877-7787