Revised Code of Washington

Department of Veterans Affairs

Title 1 -- General Provisions
RCW 1.16.050 "Legal holidays and legislatively recognized days."
RCW 1.20.017 Display of national league of families' POW/MIA flag.
Title 2 -- Courts of Record

RCW 2.12.010 Retirement for service or age

Specialty and therapeutic courts — Establishment — Principles of best practices — Limitations.

RCW 2.28.170 Drug courts.
RCW 2.28.175 DUI courts.
RCW 2.28.180 Mental health courts.
RCW 2.28.190 DUI court, drug court, and mental health court may be combined.

RCW 2.48.070 Admission of veterans
RCW 2.48.080 Admission of veterans -- Establishment of requirements if in service.
RCW 2.48.090 Admission of veterans -- Establishment of requirements if discharged.
RCW 2.48.100 Admission of veterans -- Effect of disability discharge.
RCW 2.48.110 Admission of veterans -- Fees of veterans.

Title 5 -- Evidence
RCW 5.40.020 Written finding of presumed death as prima facie evidence.
RCW 5.40.030 Proof of missing in action, capture by enemy, etc.
Title 6 -- Enforcement of Judgements

RCW 6.15.020 Pension money exempt -- Exceptions -- Transfer of spouse's interest in individual retirement account.
RCW 6.26.060Issuance of writ -- Notice -- Hearing -- Issuance without prior notice -- Forms for notice.
RCW 6.27.140 Form of returns under RCW 6.27.130

Title 9 -- Washington criminal code

RCW 9A.60.045
Criminal impersonation in the second degree.

Title 10 -- Criminal Procedure
RCW 10.101.010 Definitions.
Title 19 -- Business Regulations -- Miscellaneous
RCW 19.09.075 Charitable organizations -- Application for registration -- Contents -- Fee -- Veterans' affairs -- Notice, advice.
RCW 19.09.100 Conditions applicable to solicitations.
Title 26 -- Domestic Relations
RCW 26.19.045 Veterans' disability pensions, compensation for disability, and aid and attendant care payments.
RCW 26.19.055 Payments for attendant services in cases of disability.
Title 28A -- Common School Provisions
RCW 28A.150.050 School holidays.
RCW 28A.230.120  High school diplomas -- Issuance -- Option to receive final transcripts -- Notice.
RCW 28A.230.160
Educational activities in observance of Veterans' Day.
RCW 28A.230.180 Educational and career opportunities in the military, student access to information on, when.
RCW 28A.300.370 World War II oral history project.
Title 28B -- Higher Education

RCW 28B.10.016 Definitions.
RCW 28B.10.017 "Eligible student" defined.
RCW 28B.10.270 Rights of Washington national guard and other military reserve students called to active service.
RCW 28B.15.380 Exemption from payment of fees at state universities, regional universities, and The Evergreen State College --   Veterans and children of certain law enforcement officers or fire fighters.
RCW 28B.15.600 Refunds or cancellation of fees -- Four-year institutions of higher education.
RCW 28B.15.621 Tuition waivers -- Veterans and national guard members -- Dependents -- Private institutions.
RCW 28B.15.624 Early course registration period for eligible veterans and national guard members. (Expires August 1, 2022.)

RCW 28B.15.625 Rights of Washington national guard and other military reserve students called to active service.
RCW 28B.15.910 Limitation on Total Operating fees revenue waived, exempted, or reduced - Outreach to veterans.
RCW 28B.115.110 Participant obligation -- Repayment obligation

Title 28C -- Vocational Education
RCW 28C.18.060 Board's duties.
Title 35 -- Cities and Towns
RCW 35.01.010 First class city.
RCW 35A.82.020 Licenses and permits -- Excises for regulation.
Title 38 -- Militia and Military Affairs
RCW 38.20.010 Regulations governing armories.
RCW 38.40.060
Military leaves for public employees.
RCW 38.40.120
Authorized military organizations.
Title 41 -- Public Employment, Civil Service and Pensions

RCW 41.04.005 "Veteran" defined for certain purposes.
RCW 41.04.007
"Veteran" defined for certain purposes.
RCW 41.04.010
Veterans' scoring criteria status in examinations.
RCW 41.05.011
Definitions. (Effective March 1, 2002.)
RCW 41.05.031
Agencies to establish health care information systems.
RCW 41.06.020
RCW 41.06.070
Exemptions -- Right of reversion to civil service status -- Exception -- Expiration of subsection.
RCW 41.06.077
Department of veterans affairs -- Certain personnel exempted from chapter.
RCW 41.06.133 Rules of director — Personnel administration — Required agency report
RCW 41.06.150 Rules of board -- Mandatory subjects -- Veterans' preference -- Affirmative action.
RCW 41.08.040
Organization of commission -- Secretary -- Powers and duties of commission.
RCW 41.12.040
Organization of commission -- Secretary -- Powers and duties of commission.
RCW 41.16.220
Credit for military service.
RCW 41.18.150
Credit for military service.
RCW 41.20.050
Pension on retirement for years of service.
RCW 41.26.190
Credit for military service
RCW 41.26.520
Service credit for paid leave of absence, officers of labor organizations, unpaid leave of absence, military service. (Effective March 1, 2002.) RCW 41.28.050 Allowance of service credit.
RCW 41.32.260
Credit for military service or as state legislator.
RCW 41.32.310
Time limit for claiming service credit -- Payments.
RCW 41.32.810
Service credit for paid leave of absence, officers of labor organizations, unpaid leave of absence, military service.
RCW 41.32.865
Service credit for paid leave of absence, officers of labor organizations, unpaid leave of absence, military service.
RCW 41.40.023
RCW 41.40.170
Credit for military service.
RCW 41.40.710
Service credit for paid leave of absence, officers of labor organizations, unpaid leave of absence, military service. (Effective March 1, 2002.)
RCW 41.44.120
Prior service credit.
RCW 41.68.010
Legislative finding.
RCW 41.68.020
Eligibility for reparation.
RCW 41.68.030
Submittal of claim
RCW 41.68.040
Determination of eligibility.
RCW 41.68.050
Payment of reparation.
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Title 42 -- Public Officers and Agencies

RCW 42.17.240 Elected and appointed officials, candidates, and appointees -- Reports of financial affairs and gifts.
RCW 42.17.2401
"Executive state officer" defined.

RCW 42.56.430 Veterans Discharge Papers - Exceptions.


Title 43 -- State Government -- Executive

RCW 43.17.010 Departments created.
RCW 43.17.020
Chief executive officers -- Appointment.
RCW 43.19.190
State purchasing and material control director -- Powers and duties.
RCW 43.19.1906
Competitive bids -- Sealed bids, exceptions.
RCW 43.20A.010
RCW 43.20A.030
Department created -- Powers and duties transferred to.
RCW 43.20A.060
Departmental divisions -- Plan establishing and organizing.
RCW 43.24.130
License moratorium for persons in service.
RCW 43.43.015
Affirmative action.
RCW 43.43.230
Total service credit.
RCW 43.43.260
Benefits-Military service credit.
RCW 43.43.340
Eligible list, and promotions there from -- Affirmative action.
RCW 43.60A.010
RCW 43.60A.020
Department created -- Transfer of powers, duties, and functions to department.
RCW 43.60A.030
Director -- Qualifications -- Salary -- Vacancy.
RCW 43.60A.040
General powers and duties of director.
RCW 43.60A.050
Assistants -- Executive staff -- Deputy.
RCW 43.60A.060
Delegation of powers and duties.
RCW 43.60A.070
Additional powers and duties of director.
RCW 43.60A.075
Powers as to state veterans' homes.
RCW 43.60A.080
Veterans affairs advisory committee -- Created -- Membership -- Terms -- Powers and duties.
RCW 43.60A.100
Counseling services -- War-affected veterans.
RCW 43.60A.110
Counseling -- Coordination of programs.
RCW 43.60A.120
Counseling -- Priority.
RCW 43.60A.130
Counseling -- Post traumatic stress disorder and combat stress program.
RCW 43.60A.140 Veterans Stewardship account.
RCW 43.60A.150 Veterans Conservation Corps -- Report to the Legislature.
RCW 43.60A.151 Veterans conservation corps — Employment assistance — Agreements for educational benefits — Receipt of gifts, grants, or federal moneys — Report.

RCW 43.60A.152 Collaboration with agencies implementing the Washington conservation corps — Report.
RCW 43.60A.153 Veterans conservation corps account.
RCW 43.60A.154 Agreements with federal entities for projects -- Report.
RCW 43.60A.155 Cooperation with the salmon recovery funding board regarding project work -- Report
RCW 43.60A.160 Veterans innovations program.
RCW 43.60A.165 Defenders' fund — Eligibility for assistance.
RCW 43.60A.170 Competitive grant program — Veterans innovations program board — Travel expenses.
RCW 43.60A.175 Receipt of gifts, grants, or endowments -- Rule-making authority.
RCW 43.60A.190 Veteran-owned businesses.
RCW 43.60A.195 Veteran-owned business certification — Rules — Outreach.
RCW 43.60A.200 Awards of procurement contracts by state agencies to veteran-owned businesses.
RCW 43.60A.210 Donations to disabled veterans assistance account.
RCW 43.60A.215 Disabled veterans assistance account.
RCW 43.60A.900 Transfer of personnel of department of social and health services engaged in veterans' services -- Rights preserved.
RCW 43.60A.901
Transfer of property, records, funds, assets of agencies whose functions are transferred to department.
RCW 43.60A.902
Rules and regulations, pending business, contracts, of agencies whose functions are transferred to department to be continued -- Savings.
RCW 43.60A.903
Certification when apportionments of budgeted funds required because of transfers.
RCW 43.60A.904
Federal programs -- Rules and regulations -- Internal reorganization to meet federal requirements -- Construction to comply with federal law -- Conflicting parts inoperative.
RCW 43.60A.905
Savings -- 1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 115.
RCW 43.60A.906
Collective bargaining units or agreements not altered.
RCW 43.60A.907
Liberal construction -- 1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 115.
RCW 43.60A.908
Severability -- 1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 115.
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RCW 43.61.030 Contracts with veterans' organizations to provide veterans services -- Use of funds.
RCW 43.61.040
Director of veterans affairs to make rules and regulations -- Veteran services -- Annual report.
RCW 43.61.060
Donations may be accepted -- Procedure for allotment and use.
RCW 43.61.070
Payments to veterans' organizations -- Approval by director of veterans affairs.
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RCW 43.81.010 Legislative declaration.
RCW 43.83H.020
"Social and health services facilities" defined.


46.04.028 Armed forces license plate collection.
46.17.220  Special license plate fees.
46.18.200  Department-approved plate types
46.18.210 Armed forces license plates.
46.18.212 Armed forces decals.
46.18.230  Congressional medal of honor license plates.
46.18.235  Disabled American veteran or former prisoner of war license plates.
46.18.245  Gold star license plates.
46.18.270  Pearl Harbor survivor license plates.
46.18.277  Personalized special license plates.
46.18.280  Purple heart license plates.
46.18.295  Veterans and military personnel emblems.
46.19.060  Special license plates for persons with disabilities, special license plates with a special year tab for persons with disabilities -- Fees -- Renewal -- Transfer
73.04.115  Free license plates for surviving spouses or surviving domestic partners of deceased prisoners of war.

RCW 47.17.140 State route No. 90 -- American Veterans Memorial Highway.
RCW 47.38.060
Dedication of rest areas.
RCW 48.13.140 Appraisal of property -- Insurance -- Limit of loan.
RCW 48.36A.380
World War I societies.
RCW 49.74.005 Legislative findings -- Purpose.
RCW 50.12.210 Employment services for handicapped -- Report to legislative committees.
RCW 50.16.080
Federal targeted jobs tax credit program -- Administration -- Processing fee -- Deposit of fees.
RCW 67.08.100 Annual licenses -- Fees -- Qualifications--Revocation--Exceptions.
RCW 68.50.160 Right to control disposition of remains -- Liability of funeral establishment or cemetery authority--Liability for cost.
RCW 69.41.030 Sale, delivery, or possession of legend drug without prescription or order prohibited -- Exceptions.
RCW 69.45.010 Definitions.
RCW 70.58.107 Fees charged by department and local registrars
RCW 70.129.005
Intent -- Basic rights.
RCW 70.129.007
Rights are minimal -- Other rights not diminished.
RCW 70.129.010
RCW 70.129.020
Exercise of rights.
RCW 70.129.030
Notice of rights and services -- Admission of individuals.
RCW 70.129.040
Protection of resident's funds -- Financial affairs rights.
RCW 70.129.050
Privacy and confidentiality of personal and medical records.
RCW 70.129.060
RCW 70.129.070
Examination of survey or inspection results -- Contact with client advocates.
RCW 70.129.080
Mail and telephone -- Privacy in communications.
RCW 70.129.090
Advocacy, access, and visitation rights.
RCW 70.129.100
Personal property -- Storage space.
RCW 70.129.105
Waiver of liability and resident rights limited.
RCW 70.129.110
Disclosure, transfer, and discharge requirements.
RCW 70.129.120
Restraints -- Physical or chemical.
RCW 70.129.130
Abuse, punishment, seclusion -- Background checks.
RCW 70.129.140
Quality of life -- Rights.
RCW 70.129.150
Disclosure of fees and notice requirements -- Deposits.
RCW 70.129.160
Ombudsman implementation duties.
RCW 70.129.170
Nonjudicial remedies through regulatory authorities encouraged -- Remedies cumulative.
RCW 70.129.900
Severability -- 1994 c 214.
RCW 70.129.901
Conflict with federal requirements -- 1994 c 214.
RCW 70.129.902
Captions not law.
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RCW 71.02.490 Authority over patient -- Federal agencies, private establishments.

RCW 72.01.045 Assaults to employees -- Reimbursement for costs.
RCW 72.23.290
Transfer of patients -- Authority of transferee.
RCW 72.36.010
Establishment of soldiers' home.
RCW 72.36.020
Superintendents -- Licensed nursing home administrator.
RCW 72.36.030
Admission--Applicants must apply for federal and state benefits.
RCW 72.36.035
RCW 72.36.037
Resident rights.
RCW 72.36.040
Colony established -- Who may be admitted.
RCW 72.36.045 State veterans' homes - Maintenance defined
RCW 72.36.050
Regulations of home applicable -- Rations, medical attendance, clothing.
RCW 72.36.055 Domiciliary and nursing care to be provided.
RCW 72.36.060
Federal funds.
RCW 72.36.070
Washington veterans' home.
RCW 72.36.075
Eastern Washington veterans' home.
RCW 72.36.077
Eastern Washington veterans' home -- Funding -- Intent.
RCW 72.36.090
Hobby promotion.
RCW 72.36.100
Purchase of equipment, materials for therapy, hobbies.
RCW 72.36.110
Burial of deceased member or deceased spouse.
RCW 72.36.115 Eastern Washington state veterans' cemetery.
RCW 72.36.120 Deposit of veteran income--Expenditures and revenue control.
RCW 72.36.140
Medicaid qualifying operations.
RCW 72.36.145
Reduction in allowable income--Certification of qualifying operations.
RCW 72.36.150
Resident council--Generally.
RCW 72.36.160
Personal needs allowance.
RCW 72.36.1601
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RCW 73.04.010 Pension papers -- Fees not to be charged.
RCW 73.04.020
Pension papers -- Fees not to be charged -- Penalty.
RCW 73.04.030
Discharges recorded without charge.
RCW 73.04.040
Discharges recorded without charge -- Certified copy as proof.
RCW 73.04.042
Honorable discharge recorded -- Veterans of Spanish-American War and World War I.
RCW 73.04.050
Right to peddle, vend, sell goods without license -- License fee on business established under act of congress prohibited.
RCW 73.04.060
Right to peddle, vend, sell goods without license -- Issuance of license.
RCW 73.04.070
Meeting hall may be furnished veterans' organizations.
RCW 73.04.080
Meeting place rental may be paid out of county fund.
RCW 73.04.090
Benefits, preferences, exemptions, etc., limited to veterans subject to full, continuous military control.
RCW 73.04.110
Free license plates for disabled veterans, prisoners of war -- Penalty.
RCW 73.04.115
Free license plates for surviving spouses of deceased prisoners of war.
RCW 73.04.120
Certificate stating marital status available free.
RCW 73.04.130
Veteran estate management program -- Director authority -- Criteria.
RCW 73.04.131
Veteran estate management program -- Definitions.
RCW 73.04.135
Veteran estate management program -- Claims against veteran's estate -- Fees to support program.
RCW 73.04.140
Guardians -- Department officers and employees prohibited.
RCW 73.04.150
Joint committee on veterans' and military affairs. (Expires December 31, 2005.)
RCW 73.04.160 Veterans' history awareness month -- Commemoration of contributions of veterans.
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RCW 73.08.005 Definitions.
RCW 73.08.010 County veterans' assistance programs for indigent veterans and families -- Requirements.
RCW 73.08.035 Veterans' advisory boards.
RCW 73.08.060 Restrictions on sending veterans or families to almshouses, etc.
RCW 73.08.070 County burial of indigent deceased veterans.
RCW 73.08.080 Tax levy authorized.
RCW 73.08.090 Public assistance eligibility.
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Preference in public employment.



Enforcement of preference -- Civil action.



Failure to comply -- Infraction.






Employment rights--Prohibited actions.



Reemployment of returned veterans.



Eligibility requirements--Exceptions--Burden of proof.



Leaves of absence of elective and judicial officers.



Restoration without loss of seniority or benefits.



Continuation of health plan coverage during absence--Reinstatement of health plan coverage upon reemployment.



Determination of pension benefits and liabilities for reemployed persons.



Enforcement of provisions.



Federal act to apply in state courts.



Bona fide executive, administrative, and professional employees--Offset of military pay.



Application of chapter--Other rights and benefits preserved.



Legislative declaration--Other civil actions abolished.



Preference in private employment -- Permissive.



Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

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73.20.010 Acknowledgments.
73.20.050 Agency created by power of attorney not revoked by unverified report of death.
73.20.060 Affidavit of agent as to knowledge of revocation.
73.20.070 "Missing in action" report not construed as actual knowledge.
73.20.080 Provision in power for revocation not affected.

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73.24.020 Contract for care of veterans' plot at Olympia.
73.24.030 Authorized burials in plot.

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73.36.010   Terms defined.
73.36.020   Administrator party in interest in guardianship proceedings -- Notice.
73.36.030   Appointment of guardian -- Necessary when.
73.36.040   Guardian -- Number of wards permitted.
73.36.050   Guardian -- Appointment -- Contents of petition.
73.36.060   Guardian for minor -- Appointment -- Prima facie evidence.
73.36.080   Notice of petition.
73.36.090   Guardian's bond.
73.36.100   Accounting by guardian -- Copies of all proceedings to be furnished administration -- Hearings.
73.36.110   Failure to account -- Penalties.
73.36.120   Compensation of guardian.
73.36.130   Investment of funds -- Procedure.
73.36.140   Use of funds -- Procedure.
73.36.150   Purchase of real estate -- Procedure.
73.36.155   Public records -- Free copies.
73.36.160   Discharge of guardian -- Final account.
73.36.165   Commitment to veterans administration or other federal agency.
73.36.170   Application of chapter to other guardianships of veterans.
73.36.180   Construction of chapter -- Uniformity.
73.36.190   Short title.

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73.40.010   Memorial honoring state residents who died or are missing-in-action in southeast Asia.
73.40.030   Memorial honoring state residents who died or are missing-in-action in southeast Asia -- Display of individual names.
73.40.040   Memorial honoring state residents who died or are missing-in-action in the Korean conflict.

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RCW 74.09.120 Purchases of services, care, supplies -- Nursing homes -- Veterans' homes -- Institutions for mentally retarded -- Institutions for mental diseases.
RCW 74.34.020
RCW 74.34.180
Retaliation against whistleblowers and residents -- Remedies -- Rules.
RCW 77.32.237 Disabled hunter's permits.
RCW 77.32.238
Disabled hunter's permits -- Shooting from a motor vehicle -- Assistance from nondisabled hunter.
RCW 77.32.400
Disabled persons -- Designated harvester card -- Fish and shellfish.
RCW 77.32.480
Reduced rate licenses.

RCW 79A.05.065 Park passes -- Eligibility.


Exemptions — Automotive adaptive equipment. (Expires July 1, 2018.)

Automotive adaptive equipment. (Expires July 1, 2018.)


RCW 84.36.030 Property used for character building, benevolent, protective or rehabilitative social services -- Camp facilities -- Veteran or relief organization owned property -- Property of nonprofit organizations that issue debt for student loans or that are guarantee agencies.
RCW 84.36.041
Nonprofit homes for the aging.
RCW 84.36.383
Residences -- Definitions.
RCW 84.56.020
Taxes collected by treasurer -- Dates of delinquency -- Tax statement notice concerning payment by check -- Interest -- Penalties.
RCW 84.36.379 Residences — Property tax exemption — Findings.
RCW 84.36.381 Residences — Property tax exemptions — Qualifications.
RCW 84.36.383 Residences — Definitions.
RCW 84.36.385 Residences — Claim for exemption — Forms — Change of status — Publication and notice of qualifications and manner of making claims.