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Veterans Conservation Corps

The Veterans Conservation Corps provides meaningful training and volunteer opportunities for veterans that also help restore and protect Washington State’s natural resources.

Below are our five areas of focus:

1) The Veterans Conservation Corps (VCC)

The VCC provides opportunities for veterans to connect with nature in their own way while restoring Washington’s natural resources.   Opportunities include:

  • Stream restoration & monitoring;
  • Re-vegetation of native plants;
  • Restoration of watersheds, forests, prairies or native grasslands;
  • Office or clerical duties; and
  • Environmental or community education

2) The Vet Corps Vetcorps logo

The WDVA Vet Corps is funded through an AmeriCorps grant. Vet Corps members are stationed at many colleges throughout the state.

Vet Corps members help veterans achieve their higher education goals by:

  • Providing training and support to college faculty, staff and administration to increase awareness of student veterans’ needs;
  • Providing a peer connection for veterans new to higher education;
  • Helping the college to meet the needs of student veterans; and
  • Providing veterans with connections to federal, state or local veteran’s benefits.

The Vet Corps helps veterans and their family members navigate Washington’s higher education and training programs as veterans adjust from military to college life.

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3) Program Support Specialists

Program support specialists reach out to veterans and service providers in communities across Washington State, providing training and support.   The Veterans Conservation Corps support specialists broaden our ability to meet the needs of the veteran community.

Businesses or organizations may contact the support specialist closest to them with requests for training and or support. 

4) King County Vet Corps Program

With the help of a King County Grant, a special King County Vet Corps Program was established to link veterans and in some cases their family members in King County to apprenticeship, employment and training opportunities. 

Veterans should contact King County Regional Coordinators.

5) Transitioning Back Into EmploymentDescription: wsclogo-sm.jpg

The Vet Corp and the Washington State Council of Society of Human Resources Managers, SHRM, have developed a statewide initiative to help returning Vets transition into employment.  The WA SHRM chapters have partnered to provide workforce readiness resources and employment opportunities to Vets within their local community.  

For more information on any of our Veteran Conservation Corps Programs contact
Jason Alves at jasona@dva.wa.gov, 1-800-562-2308, or 360-725-2224.


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Internship Opportunities

For more information contact

Jason Alves at
1-800-562-2308 toll-free
360-725-2224 direct line

Or mail in an Interest Form to:
WDVA Attn:Jason Alves
PO Box 41155
Olympia, Wa.98504-1155.

You may also contact local
WDVA PTSD counselors or
other WDVA office personnel


Vet Corps Program Team Directory 2014-15

Partners for Veteran Supportive Campuses

Videos and Articles

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Regional Coordinators and Program Specialists

North Eastern Washington Heather Bahme (509)-688-9016 H.bahme@gmail.com
South EasternWashington Erick Flieger (509)-591-7531 e.flieger@washingtonvetcorps.net
Southwest Washington Bryan Bales (923)-261-3601 b.bales@washingtonvetcorps.net

North King County

Rebecca Murch



South King County

Erle Hunter



Olympic Peninsula

Jeff Reyes



South Sound Melissa Crouse (425)-214-2740 melissac@dva.wa.gov
Installations Rafael Rodriguez (253)-651-0438 R.rodriguez@washingtonvetcorps.net
Northwest Washington Chanan Suarez (206)-538-7508 Chanan.suarez@gmail.com

Traumatic Brain Injury Program

Scott Bloom



Traumatic Brain Injury Coordinator

Nikki Davis



Veterans Conservation Corps Program Coordinator

Jeremy Grisham




Phil Bariquit



Incarcerated Veterans

Vince Woods



South Sound Internships Coordinator

Matt West (509)380-6269 westma@cwu.edu