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Partners for
Veteran Supportive Campuses

By providing information and assistance to our state’s institutions of higher education and training programs, these Partners seek to:

  • Increase awareness of veteran’s programs on and off campus
  • Provide staff members with a core set of veteran cultural competencies
  • Encourage campuses to implement best practices and policies designed to foster social support, acceptance, a welcoming environment, and a setting that meaningfully acknowledges the contributions of our veterans
  • Encourage veterans to use GI Bill benefits
  • Help veterans succeed in higher education and training
  • Ensure staff and veterans have access to services through WDVA and its federal and local partners

Partners include:

Read the Partners for Veteran Supportive Campuses Memorandum of Understanding (PDF)

Training Opportunities

The WDVA Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Program provides in-service training and consultation to college and university counseling and other professional staff, and faculty members. This special program is designed to address the needs of war exposed veterans who have returned to school after discharge from the military, and who seek assistance at student counseling centers on campus. Along with expert help with counseling methods, military and veteran cultural awareness training, providers are given instruction in how to use the sometimes complex services network available to war veterans and their family members. University and college counselors are encouraged to email the PTSD Program Director dorothy Hanson for more information. 

Best Practices for Veterans in Higher Education
Veteran Guidelines and Best Practices in the Classroom (pdf)


Partner Campuses

In addition to the agreement signed by each of the partners, individual colleges and universities are encouraged to pledge their commitment by signing and displaying the certificate below.  Talk with the leadership at your school to find out if they would like to get involved.

For more information email Heidi Audette or call
1-800-562-0132 select option "1".





Copy of the signed Memorandum of Understanding (PDF)

Guide for Veterans Attending College

For more information email Heidi Audette
or call 1-800-562-0132 and select option "1".


Peter Schmidt, Psy.D.
Community College & University
Outreach to War Veterans
Professional Consultation and
Training to College Staff, and
Referral Help for Veteran
Students and Family Members:
(425) 640-1463




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Veteran Supportive Campuses

Clover Park Technical College 11/9/09
Seattle University 11/10/09
Central Washington University 11/12/09
Edmonds Community College 11/12/09
South Seattle Community College 1/12/10
Shoreline Community College 3/4/10
Spokane Community College 4/15/10
Spokane Falls Community College 4/15/10
Eastern WA University 4/15/10
Evergreen State College 5/6/10
Peninsula College 9/7/10
University of Washington, Seattle 10/5/10
Pierce College11/8/10
University of Washington, Bothell 11/8/10
Western Washington University 11/15/10
Washington State University Vancouver11/30/10
University of Washington Tacoma 2/23/11
Whatcom Community College 5/17/11
Washington State University TriCities 5/18/11
Olympic College 5/18/11
Pacific Lutheran University 11/7/11
North Seattle Community College 4/25/12
Seattle Central Community College 5/23/12
Green River Community College 6/5/12
Bellevue College 6/7/12
Bates Technical College 11/14/2012
Perry Technical Institute 11/8/2012
Renton Technical College 2/8/13
Bellingham Technical College 9/17/13
Cascadia Community College 4/22/14