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What is the Veterans Conservation Corps?

The primary mission of the Veterans Conservation Corps is to
assist veterans by providing volunteer opportunities on projects
that help protect and restore Washington’s rivers, streams,
lakes, marine waters and open lands.


Interviews with Veterans in the program.


Who Can Participate?    

All Veterans are eligible. Veterans who choose to participate will be added to the Veterans Conservation Corps list and in return, veterans will have an opportunity to help the environment, contribute to the community and earn valuable job skills in the environmental field.

This would be a great opportunity for veterans returning to school or work as an internship, an apprenticeship, VA work-study participant, or as a volunteer. Participants will earn valuable work experience that would enhance a resume, provide excellent work references and in some cases college credits.vcc

What Type of Work Does the Veterans Conservation Corps Do?

Veterans will work on habitat restoration or protection projects across Washington State.

Activities could include:

  • Stream Restoration & Monitoring
  • Re-vegetation of native plants
  • Restoration of watersheds, forest's, prairies or native grasslands
  • Outdoor Labor
  • Office or Clerical Duties
  • Environmental or Community Education
  • Other Protection or Restoration Activities

Who Can I Call for More Information?

For more information, contact Mark Fischer at
1-800-562-2308 / 360-725-2224 / or markf@dva.wa.gov.

Or mail in an Interest Form to:
WDVA Attn:Mark Fischer
PO Box 41155
Olympia, Wa.98504-1155.

You may also contact your local WDVA Post Traumatic Stress Disorder contract counselor or other WDVA office personnel.

VCC Field Coordinators:

  • Central and Southeast WA
    Barry Lawrence 509-460-8653
    or wa_natureguy@yahoo.com

  • Clallam/Jefferson Counties
    Ed Bowen 360-452-8008.

  • Southwest WA
    Doug Robberson 360-909-2999.

  • Skagit/Whatcom/Snohomish Counties
    Gordy Graham 425-609-0107.

  • North East WA
    Seth Maier Email: sethmaier@hotmail.com

  • Grays Harbor, Pacific, and Lewis Counties
    Aidan Murray 360-480-6200 or aidanm@dva.wa.gov


      • If you are a King County veteran or are interested in employment or training in King County, please contact Roxanne Clark, 360-907-9917, Roxannec@dva.wa.gov or Mark Fischer, 360-725-2224, MarkF@dva.wa.gov.  We have a separate program to assist you with resources, both financial and system help, in order to place you in an apprenticeship program, school, or employment.

      •  A major emphasis of our placements is energy technology training, and these colleges have programs in this developing field: Lake Washington Technical College, Cascadia College, South Seattle Community College, and Renton Technical College.  Programs range from alternative energy technology, to power plant operators, and lineman, as well as commercial energy consultants and home energy auditors.

Other Natural Resource Training Opportunities

The Veterans Conservation Corps is enrolling returning veterans from OIF, OEF, and ONE in the Natural Resources programs.

Green River Community College
A grant is provided through the Veterans Conservation Corps to assist students with their living costs.  The college is very dedicated to helping returning veterans through their financial aid packages as well. 
Green River’s Natural Resource program
Jeremy Grisham hm2grish@yahoo.com.

Renton Technical College is partnering with the VCC and GRCC by providing some course work and certification programs as well as being available to veterans for small business development.  Their web site is: www.rtc.edu

Olympic College in Bremerton will have 12 slots open for the 2008 school year for returning veterans in an environmental training program.  Please contact Mark Fischer (usual contact info.) or Jeff Reyes at jeff_r_vcc@msn.com.
A living stipend is available to help those veterans with school and additionally the veteran may be eligible for worker retraining funds to help with tuition and books.

Spokane Community College will also have 12 slots open for the 2008 school year for returning veterans in a Natural Resources program.  Please contact Mark Fischer or Seth Maier at sethmaier@hotmail.com.

Lake Washington Technical College has 12 slots for the Fall 2008 school year.  The program is similar to the other Veterans Academies, except that the course work targeted is alternative energy, horticulture, and sustainability.   Contact Gordy Graham, dgordongraham@comcast.net

A living stipend is available to help those veterans with school and additionally the veteran may be eligible for worker retraining funds to help with tuition and books.

For more information, contact Mark Fischer at
1-800-562-2308 or 360-725-2224 markf@dva.wa.gov.



Bellingham Area
Nooksack Salmon
Enhancement Association

Birder Central

Clark Public Utilities
Stream Team
Environmental Services

Everett Area
Stilly Snohomish Fisheries
Adopt-A-Stream Foundation

Pacific Coast Salmon Coalition

Grays Harbor/Aberdeen
Chehalis Basin Fisheries
Grays Harbor Community College Fisheries Technology - Randy Lehr rlehr@ghc.edu

Green River Community College

International Marine Association Protecting Aquatic Life (I’M A PAL) Foundation

King Conservation District

Mt Vernon Area
Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group
Skagit Conservation District

South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group
Thurston Conservation District
Thurston Co. Stream Team

Upper Columbia RFEG

People for Puget Sound

Port Townsend
North Olympic Salmon Coalition

Seattle Area
Mid-Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group

South Bend
Willapa Bay RFEG ron&leta@willapabay.org

Pierce Conservation District
Clover Park Technical College Environmental Sciences - andy.fritz@cpt.edu

Don Perry
Nisqually Stream Stewards Coordinator
(360) 438-8687

Tri-Cities Area
Mid Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group

Lower Columbia Fish Enhancement Group

Walla Walla Area
Tri-State Steelheaders Regional Fishery Enhancement Group - tssfish@charterinternet.com
Army Corps of Engineers -
Russ Heaton (509) 956-6274


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