Meet the 2014 Washington State Outstanding Service to Veterans Awardees

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Partners for Veteran Supportive Campuses MOU Signing

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Service is an Opportunity, not an Obligation

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Governor Meets with Veteran and Non-Profit Leaders

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Making a Year of Service the American Way of Life

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VA Eliminates Veterans’ Annual Financial Reporting Requirement (Means Test)

Beginning in March 2014, most Veterans will no longer be required to complete the annual financia...read more

WDVA Partnership with Thurston County Veterans Court Celebrates Five Years of Success


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Veterans WCC Crews Remove Debris from Remote Beaches

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Three Month Old Program Making Difference for Veterans and South Sound Prairies

Planting career seeds in environmental field
By Alexandra Kocik
Northwest Guardian

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VetBikes – Putting Old Bikes to Good Use


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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