Building Blocks for Cognitive Success Part 4: Self-Regulation for Veterans with TBI & PTS

Training Description

This 6-part training series, Building Blocks for Cognitive Success, helps Veterans address several common challenges experienced by those with TBI & PTS.Participants learn about cognitive rehabilitation and its various components; the stages of learning applied to home, school, and work; the concept of cognitive fatigue and its impact on productivity, the issues associated with executive function (e.g., decision-making, organization, etc.) and the stages of the memory process. Practical strategies will be provided to address each of the challenges referenced in the series.

Length of Training
1 Hour
Objectives of Training
Describe the components of cognitive rehabilitation and their relation to daily life.
Apply the 4 stages of learning to a personal experience.
Describe three strategies for dealing with cognitive fatigue.
Describe at least three skills associated with executive functioning.
Explain the stages of the memory process.
Training Platform