Engagement & Values Clarification in the COD/SMI Population (Session 5: COD/SMI Track)

Training Description

Evidence-based practice is more than just using the best available evidence. It also integrates the clinician’s knowledge and skills, and the client’s wants and needs. Without understanding a client’s values and preferences, our treatment approaches won’t get lasting results. Similarly, no matter how effective interventions are in research trials, if a client remains disengaged, our interventions won’t land. In this workshop we will focus on how to use learning theory in a person-centered approach to elicit client values while engaging those with co-occurring disorders.

*This training is part of an 8 session series on co-occurring disorders and serious mental illness (COD/SMI) offered by Jeff Roskelley, LICSW. While there is benefit from attending an individual training & each session can stand on its own, each builds upon the previous and participants will gain maximum benefit from attending sessions 1-7 in succession.

Length of Training
3 Hours
Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
Objectives of Training
Summarize the importance and rationale for person-centered engagement and values exploration
Apply positive reinforcement in engagement
Apply values exploration
Training Platform