Walla Walla Construction Update

Construction Timeline: Work began in July, 2015 and is scheduled for completion in the Winter of 2016.

Get a birds-eye view of construction in progress!  Click here for images of the construction site.

December 22, 2015:

  • Met with Pacific Power to confirm placement of power pole inside utility easement to bring service to hit box. This will keep the temperature at the water pump above freezing level.
  • Root cellar has been cleared and removed. No new issues with Neighborhood 2 or any other below surface conditions. Recent weather has been causing further delays on Neighborhood 2.
  • Geo-Engineers and PBS have given approval to re-establish soil onsite, rather than disposing offsite, which is more costly.
  • Absher is continuing to update Inclusion Plan and use of Veteran Owned Businesses on the project. 
  • Neighborhood 1 - Structural steel erection has been completed and steel stud wall and rafters are underway.
  • Neighborhood 2 - Has been cleared, but significant weather conditions have halted excavation efforts.
  • Neighborhood 3 - Underground electrical and plumbing has been completed and preparations are being made to finish cap break and pour slabs.
  • Neighborhood 4 - Foundation has been completed and work is underway with underground electrical and plumbing.
  • Service Building - Underground electrical is underway.
  • Community Center - Excavation for footing and placement of footings and stem wall is underway.
  • New proposed schedule shows substantial completion on December 15th, 2016. Broken down by building:
    • Service Building - 5/9/16
    • Neighborhood 1 - 8/17/16
    • Neighborhood 3 - 9/21/16
    • Neighborhood 4 - 10/31/16
    • Community Center - 12/5/16
    • Neighborhood 2 - 12/15/15