Re-Imagining End of Life Care for Our Nation’s Military Veterans and their Loved Ones (3 CEUs)

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August 12, 2022 09:00 - 12:00


Trainer: Qwynn Galloway-Salazar
CEUs Available: 3


This 3-hour interactive workshop is designed to provide knowledge, skills, and important tools for professionals working with Veterans at the end-of-life and their families. The workshop provides a compassionate approach to addressing military experiences’ impacts on coping with serious illness, dying, death, and grieving. The workshop will include group discussions and role playing to give participants tools for conversations that may occur related to military experience, coping, and the journey of dying. Significant attention to the needs of the caregiver and/or loved ones will also be highlighted. Workshop participants may include but are not limited to social workers, counselors, peer volunteers, caregivers, hospice workers, psychologists, administrators, nurses, chaplains, and clergy who work serving the veteran community.


1. Through lecture, discussion, and interactive activities, participants will be able to:
2. Describe the importance of improving one’s knowledge around end-of-life challenges faced by military veterans
3. Discuss different issues that might arise in end-of-life care of veterans
4. Identify 3-5 new interventions to better serve dying veterans and their loved ones
5. Identify best practices for self-care and resilience
6. Strategically plan community engagement activities to support the needs of veterans and their loved ones
7. Share lessons learned and insights gleaned from collaborative activities that will be used to better serve veterans and their loved ones

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Tom Hove, VTSC, WDVA