Meeting the Needs of Women & Gender-Diverse Veterans - Women Veterans Advisory Committee Virtual Meeting

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November 23, 2022 11:30 - 13:00

The Women Veterans Advisory Committee (WVAC) of your Washington Dept. of Veterans Affairs presents the next

speaker in the 2022 Brown Bag Series schedule:

Dr. Lisa Callegari, MD, MPH is a practicing Ob-GYN at VA Puget Sound and a researcher focusing on interventions to promote patient-centered reproductive healthcare in VA.

At this Lunch & Learn, Dr. Callegari will discuss work that she and her team are doing to meet the healthcare needs of women and gender-diverse Veterans related to preventing unwanted pregnancy and birth and optimizing health prior to desired pregnancies. She will share information about the web-based MyPath tool, which is collaborative project of the research team and a Veteran Engagement Group (Women 4 Women Veterans) designed to empower Veterans to get their reproductive health needs met during primary care visits at the VA. The session will include ample time for discussion, including the opportunity for attendees to provide input on a future research project focusing on Veterans’ needs and experiences receiving contraceptive care and other reproductive health services through VA.

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