Military and Veteran Community Resources in Response to COVID-19

Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs Military and Veteran Community Resources in Response to COVID-19

During the Washington State “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, we are staying in our homes and using physical distancing to keep ourselves and our neighbors healthy. However, struggles may arise in our Military and Veteran community due to less social interaction, barriers to resources, and loss of employment. It may seem difficult to adjust how to care for our mental wellbeing, continue to provide for our families, connect with others, and find the resources that meet our needs while maintaining social distancing. This list serves as a guide to resources specific to our Military and Veteran community during the current COVID-19 situation. While some of these resources may continue to be available to the community after the Governor’s order has been rescinded, the purpose of this list is for the current circumstance only. 

If your organization is offering special resources to the military and Veteran community in response to COVID-19, please contact Codie Garza, WDVA Suicide Prevention Coordinator

Updated List as of 04/14/2020:

Who is Eligible?

(Use this legend to determine who is eligible for this resource)
  • SM Service Member
  • V Veteran
  • F Family of a Service Member or Veteran

Mental Wellness

Physical Wellness

Parenting / Homeschooling

Domestic Violence

Food Insecurity


Substance Use

Other Helpful Tips

  • Maintaining Personal Connection (family, friends, grandkids): Virtual connection platforms like Skype, Marco Polo, and Facetime can all be used to connect. (SMVF)
  • Help someone else: While this may be less feasible under the shelter in place order, all of us know someone who is more at risk than others. Finding simple, safe ways to help someone else can create a much-needed sense of achievement in these isolating times. (SMVF)
  • Creating a virtual or real hope box: This can be a simple, creative way to remind ourselves of those things that keep us going, while also providing a useful tool during intense emotional crises. (SMVF)
  • Stick to routine: Sticking to a stable routine that involves routine, commonplace actions can help prevent boredom and maintain focus on goals. (SMVF)

For more information contact:

Codie Marie Garza, MSPH
Suicide Prevention Coordinator