Vet Corps End of Year Event and Vet Corps Awards

Vet Corps End of Year Event and Vet Corps Awards 

Vet Corps Member of the Year


Thank you all who attended Vet Corps End of the Year. The work you all did for the Veteran Farmers did NOT go unnoticed. We are so incredibly grateful for all the elbow grease that went into this service project.


We are excited to share with you all the recipients of the Vet Corps awards.


• Award Name: Innovation, Invention & Institution Award

Recipient: Morgan Davis


• Award Name: Diversity Award

Recipients: Ana Encinas-Estrada & Chanette Purser-Smith


• Award Name: Site Collaboration

Recipient: Mike Solomon


• Award Name: Outstanding Site

Award Recipient: Clover Park Technical College


• Award Name: Regional S.T.A.R. | Service, Teamwork, Attitude, Reliability

Recipients: Rachel Androski, Tim Guntle, & Ray Hernandez


• Award Name: Vet Corps Member of the Year

Recipient: Gabriella Smith


All awards will be mailed to those who were not in attendance.


Again, THANK YOU all for the amazing work you all have done this past service term.


PHOTOS: Vet Corps End of Year & Vet Corps Awards | Flickr