A Note from the Painters and Allied Trades Veterans Program

A Note from the Painters and Allied Trades Veterans Program

by Chris Winters, Business Representative

Hardships are often borne by the spouse to deal with while the service member is deployed or on duty here in the continental United States. 

Just recently DC5 Military Affairs prior, to the Christmas Holiday season was on Joint Base Lewis – McChord (JBLM) at 160thC.A.B. or “Combat Support Brigade” helping their FRG or “Family Readiness Group” with building food baskets for the needy….the needy we discovered were and are the lower enlisted service members of the 160thC.A.B. 

Most people have no clue that a good 2/3rds of military service members are if not in upside down debt because of their service, they are eligible for food stamps and DSHS benefits…but often will not know how to utilize of even try for fear of being shamed.

If not for programs like the P.A.T.-V.P. assisting with Service Member transition by providing access to above living wage careers with benefits, and the com munity partners that help during the service members transitioning back to the civilian careers with small stipends to help offset out of pocket costs…there would be even more tragic consequences showing up in today’s media….people making horrible choices when faced with failing to care for themselves and their families, thank you brothers and sisters….thank you for standing for those who have stood for us.

For more information visit: www.pat-vp.org