Intro to Co-occurring Disorders & Serious Mental Illness (Session 1: COD/SMI Track)

Training Description

In this workshop we build a foundation for understanding the basic principles of the co-occurring approach found in Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment (IDDT). It will include a brief history of cooccurring disorder treatment and the recovery movement, a brief introduction to SAMSA’s TIP 42, an overview of substance use disorder and severe mental illness, and a short primer on best practices in working with co-occurring disorders. Participants will gain a broad overview of the basics and how to approach co-occurring conditions using evidence-based and person-centered approaches.

*This training is part of an 8 session series on co-occurring disorders and serious mental illness (COD/SMI) offered by Jeff Roskelley, LICSW. While there is benefit from attending an individual training & each session can stand on its own, each builds upon the previous and participants will gain maximum benefit from attending sessions 1-7 in succession.

Length of Training
3 Hours
Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
Objectives of Training
Summarize the rationale for integrated treatment of substance use and mental health.
Describe how mental health disorders and substance use disorders are both a result of many contributing biopsychosocial factors.
Establish a working definition of co-occurring disorders and an orientation to working with individuals in community mental health settings.
Training Platform