TEDx Tacoma: Transitions: Bridging the Gap - TICKETS ON SALE

We are excited to announce that tickets are going on sale for TEDx Tacoma - Transitions: Bridging the Gap.  The event will be on Friday, November 16th at American Lake Conference Center at JBLM.


As we know, points of transition comes along at different points in our life.  Whether we are joining/exiting the military, moving to a new community/installation, starting a business, or one of the many other ways we reach points of transition, it can be challenging process, yet very rewarding. Sometimes just knowing that someone else has gone through the same transition, can make a transition that much easier.


We have a number of amazing speakers who will be joining to discuss transition through the eyes of veterans, spouses, the workplace, art, entrepreneurship, resiliency, and many other lenses.  This event is an extraordinary way to discuss the importance, the difficultly, and the optimism of transition. 


If you are interested in attending, please purchase your tickets, as soon as possible.  For those that purchase tickets prior to the 15th of October, you will be added to a list to receive pre-approval for installation access.  Assuming there are still tickets available after the 15th and you don’t already have access, you will receive guidance for securing individual access prior to the date of the event.


We already have amazing sponsors in Pacific Mountain Workforce Development, WorkForce Central, and Puget Sound Energy. If your organization is interested in sponsoring, please reach out to us as soon as possible for more information.




I hope you are all able to join us in this celebration of transition