The Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know about State Veterans Homes

Our State Veterans Homes have been around since the 1890’s, but there may be a few things that you don’t know about them.

1) Veterans with service connected disability ratings of 70% - 100% receive their nursing care at no cost. The Federal VA will pay the full cost of nursing home care, meaning veterans may keep all of their VA, military, and personal retirement income.  The same is true for veterans whose service connected disability is the primary reason they require nursing home care, regardless of disability percentage.

2) If you have a qualifying hospital stay, your rehabilitative care is covered by Medicare in a State Veterans Home. Our contracted rehab staff are highly trained and work to make sure you gain back as much independence as possible before returning home.

3) There is no limit on the number of Medicaid beds in a State Veterans Home. Many facilities limit the number of Medicaid beds available, making it challenging to find an open bed if Medicaid is your primary source of medical payment.  At a State Veterans Home, all of our beds are certified for both Medicaid and Medicare.

4) Your medications and medical supply needs are included in your cost of care at a State Veterans Home. In many facilities, families must separately purchase medications and medical supplies. We have our own pharmacy and order your medications directly from the Federal VA for you!

5) On-staff physicians provide quality care and when appropriate, veterans are referred and transported to VA Medical Center specialty care facilities.

The State Veterans Homes also offer many patriotic and recreational events to capture your interest and provide you with entertainment and activities.

Our team of caring professionals makes meeting your needs their number one priority, making a State Veterans Home a great place for you to call Home!

Veterans Homes are located in Orting, Port Orchard, Spokane and Walla Walla.

Want to learn more about how a State Veterans Home could serve you or your loved one?  Give our Admissions Team a call at 877-838-7787.