Walla Walla County:  Immediate Night Shift Positions Available for Certified Nursing Assistants – Walla Walla Veterans Home

DATE – August 30, 2018

CITY — Walla Walla

Walla Walla County:  Immediate Night Shift Positions Available for Certified Nursing Assistants – Walla Walla Veterans Home

Are you a CNA looking for a career that allows you to give back to your community and provide compassionate care to Veterans?

The new Walla Walla Veterans Home is hiring Certified Nursing Assistants for the night shift.

As a Washington State Employee, your benefits include retirement plans, medical insurance, paid leave, and more.  We may even be able to help with moving expenses!

Apply today at careers.wa.gov, contact us at recruiters@dva.wa.gov or call the Walla Walla Veterans Home Recruiters at 360-725-2183

Walla Walla Veterans Home
92 Wain Wright Dr.,
Walla Walla, WA 99362

*Tours of Walla Walla Veterans Home are available by contacting the home at 509.394.6800

Walla Walla Veterans Home Background:  The Walla Walla Veterans Home opened in June 2017 and is also accepting veterans, widows of veterans, and spouses of current residents needing nursing home care. 

This beautiful new facility provides nursing home level care in a small house environment complete with private bedrooms and bathrooms, and a kitchen and living room in each home.


Care may be provided at no cost to a veteran who has a service-connected disability rating of 70%-100%.  For these veterans, the Federal VA will pay the full cost of nursing home care, meaning that veterans may keep all of their VA, military, and personal retirement income. The same is also true for veterans with a service-connected disability that requires nursing home care, regardless of their disability rating.


Other forms of payment include Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and private pay.  Medicare rehabilitative services, for veterans with a qualifying hospital stay, are provided by highly trained staff, helping Veterans gain as much independence as possible before returning home.


State Veterans Homes also offer patriotic and recreational events throughout the year, making a State Veterans Home a great place to call home for Veterans and their families.


Photos/Graphics are free to use: Created/Taken by Gary Lott, Washington Department of Veterans Affairs


The Walla Walla Veterans Home is co-located on the campus of the Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial VA Medical Center.  This 80 bed nursing care facility was designed using a small house model and will provide care in 8 individual homes.  All residents will enjoy a private room with a private bathroom and be cared for by a dedicated team of providers.  Each house has an open kitchen, dining and living area much like any traditional home does, providing opportunities for residents to be involved in activities such as meal preparation.  In addition, the Homes are equipped with shared services such as laundry and a state of the art bathing room should residents need assistance.

Veterans Home Admissions Information:

Click here to download the admissions application and contact Lonna Leno, Admissions Coordinator at 509-394-6806 or lonnal@dva.wa.gov for additional information.  

Memory Care: As of May, 2018, we continue to open Houses at the Veterans Home providing rehabilitative or long-term nursing home care.  We have not opened our Memory Care House and do not have a timeline on when that House will open.  We will continue to accept applications; however, please know that it may be several months before this level of care is available on the campus and we already have many veterans on the waiting list.


All Washington State Veterans Homes are Medicare and Medicaid certified facilities. To be eligible for admission, applicants must meet the following criteria:

·         Served at any time, in any branch of the United States Armed Forces;

·         Received an honorable discharge;

·         Reside in Washington State;

·         Be the spouse of a resident or widow of an eligible veteran;

·         Or be a Gold Star Parent who lost a child while serving in the armed forces.

Veterans rated 70%-100% Service Connected Disabled, or whose service connected disability is the reason nursing care is needed, may have their nursing home care paid by the Federal VA.  We also accept Medicare, Medicaid, 3rd Party Insurance and Private Pay.  

For additional information on the cost of care in a State Veterans Home, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Serving our Veterans

Our State Veterans Homes are Medicaid and Medicare Certified and provide 24-hour nursing care, medical care and pharmacy services.  We provide a number of supportive programs and services such as:

·         Physical Therapy

·         Occupational Therapy

·         Speech Therapy

·         Pharmacy

·         Recreational Activities

·         Social Services

·         Volunteer Programs - Find out more

·         Hospice

·         Nutritious Meals

·         Community Involvement

·         Religious Programs

·         Transportation

·         Laundry

·         Beauty & Barber Shops

The Walla Walla Veterans Home will dedicate one 10-bed house to Memory Care for veterans with Alzheimer's or Dementia.  This will be the last house that is filled.