Insomnia: Sleeping Better with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Training Description

Sleep is essential for our physical health and our psychological health. Poor sleep is linked to concentration problems, poorer productivity and work performance, inability to fulfill our roles at work and home, risk for dangerous accidents, physical illness, pain, depression, and anxiety. Yet, about 30% of adults struggle with symptoms of insomnia, and this number is even higher amongst our Veterans at 50-60%. Cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) can help. CBT-I is an effective, science-based approach for helping people get better sleep – and doesn’t involve the use of medication. In this 6-hour training, participants will learn how to recognize factors that create and perpetuate sleep problems; how to calculate sleep efficiency; how to instruct clients in good “sleep hygiene” practices; how to appropriately guide the process of sleep restriction; and how to use principles of classical conditioning to improve sleep.

Training participants will have the opportunity to learn in a variety of ways including lecture, demonstrations, discussions, and experiential learning activities designed to offer a richer understanding of the treatment of insomnia. This training is designed for counselors, psychotherapists, nurses, physicians, and other professionals working in similar therapeutic/healthcare roles.

Note: this training is provided as information and education, and is not intended as therapy, healthcare, medical advice, or a doctor-patient relationship; if you have questions about the role of insomnia in your life, please consult your healthcare provider.

Length of Training
6 Hours
Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
Objectives of Training
List three factors that create and perpetuate sleep problems
Explain how to calculate sleep efficiency
Define “sleep hygiene” and give three examples of these practices
Explain the rationale for sleep restriction in treatment of insomnia
Discuss how to use principles of classical conditioning to improve sleep
Training Platform