Suicide Prevention and Support

If you are having thoughts of suicide, please contact the crisis line for immediate help.

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Codie Marie Garza MSPH

Suicide Prevention Program Manager
Veteran Services, Counseling & Wellness

Office: (360) 522-2894

Suicide Prevention and Support Team

Suicide Prevention Toolkit

September is Suicide Prevention Month visit our Suicide Prevention Toolkit to learn more about resources and materials to help those in crisis. 

Current Initiatives

Pre-policy Meeting July 23 - 24

Suicide Prevention Governor’s Challenge (August 4-6)

2020 Report to the Legislature

SMVF Suicide Prevention Planning 

Rally Point bi-monthly trainings

How to get involved

Providing data or program support to Suicide Prevention Plan – email us at

Suicide has been an ongoing battle for the Veteran community. Many of our Service Members, Veterans, and their family members find themselves in unbearable pain, feeling disconnected from their own community. Through connection, your WDVA Suicide Prevention Program aims to improve self-efficacy and hope. Washington State is home to many resources for the Service Members, Veterans, and their families; therefore, our goal is to develop a strong network to sincerely support and guide those in need.

In effort to connect the community, your WDVA will: 

  1. Create an advisory committee to include federal, state, and local organizations dedicated to helping Service Members, Veterans, and their families.
  2. Host and attend events to provide education about suicide and prevention materials in the veteran community.
  3. Host community listening sessions to better understand the unique needs of our community.
  4. Establish a strong peer network of volunteers to navigate Service Members, Veterans, and their families in a time of need.

If you are a provider or a non-profit organization that serves service members, veterans, and/or their families, please reach out to the Suicide Prevention Program Manager, Codie Garza, for collaboration.

Suicide Prevention Program - Highlighting Washington Department of Veterans Affairs Programs