About WDVA

533,346 Veterans
62,130 Active Duty
18,016 Guard and Reserve
2,000,000 Family Members


Armed Forces License Plates

Number of Armed Forces Plates On the Road as of 7/01/2023

Air Force   3,574
Army   7,096
Coast Guard   823
Marines   4,161
National Guard   338
Navy   4,444
Total:  20,436

In Fiscal Year 2022, Armed Forces License Plates provided $630,000 for State Veterans Cemetery Operations, programs for veterans without homes, and other vital WDVA services.

Benefits for Veteran/Military Spouses and Family Members

533,346 Veterans
62,130 Active Duty
18,016 Guard and Reserve
2,000,000 Family Members (estimated)

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Brain Injury & Recovery-TBI Program

FY 21-22

18 trainings across Washington to 225 individuals.
80 veterans and 44 family members have received 1:1 guidance, referrals and support.

Max Impact Analytics:
20 referrals to providers
17 WDVA contacts
253 NEW users in the state of Washington
177 sessions
28 contacts in Washington State
14 users in 4 US states, such as California Connecticut, Minnesota, and Oklahoma, of those states 2 are new users


July 1 – June 30, 2023

Total 921

                Veteran Interments 661

                Family Member Interments 260

Fiscal Year 2022

Armed Forces License Plates provided $630,000 for State Veterans Cemetery Operations, programs for veterans without homes, and other vital WDVA services.

Claims Assistance

FY 21-22

Olympia Call Center received approximately 4,768 calls, 583 visitors (COVID), and files 233 claims

WDVA Field Services Network:

9,999 VA Disability Compensation and Pension claims filed
Approval Rating (Batting Average)
$83.5 million in 
Income generated for veteran residents from claims going into state economy

157 claims filed by Transitioning Warrior Program (TWP)

Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program

FY 21-22 Results

Enrolled - 210
Housing Placements - 137
Job Placements - 140
Avg. Wage at Placement - $19.41

LGBTQ+ Veterans

FY 21-22

1,195 individuals served

Military Spouse Initiative

FY 21-22

2,564 outreach and consultation contacts with military spouses, partners, and employers
97 Outreach events to military spouses, partners, and employers
14 partner events on employment, licensure, and childcare
52 military spouse license reimbursements at JBLM (9% of service-wide total and highest in US Army.

Completed research on military family childcare. Report pending FY23

Orting Veterans Farm

FY 22-23

Orting Veterans Farm

16 farm plots leased to veteran agriculture producers
9 veterans enrolled in business agriculture training programs
3 veterans enrolled in whole farm training program 
3 veteran interns enrolled from Orting Soldiers Home campus (Transitional Housing Program or Tiny Home Village)
5 veterans volunteered from the Orting THP or Tiny Home Village
2,540 pounds of fresh, organic produce given away at weekly free produce stand on Orting Soldiers Home campus

Veterans in Agriculture Pilot Program 

222 trainings and outreach provided
45 veterans enrolled
1,079 veterans reached by the program
956 community members reached by the program
5 veterans found paid temporary, permanent, or non-paid (volunteer, internship, etc.) employment in agriculture

Reentry Program & Vet Court

FY 21-22

187 Veterans enrolled in King County

Spokane Veterans Home

Serves 100 residents

Suicide Prevention and Support

FY 21-22

4 Veteran’s LEARN workshops - 45 participants
30 Governor’s Challenge Team meetings held
31 SAMHSA/VA Community of Practice meetings
14 SMVFs assisted in crisis by referring to community resources
18 or 20 objectives initiated and/or completed in the WA State SMVF Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan 21-23
1 statewide suicide prevention virtual event – “Together Washington”
Provided subject matter expert consultation for WA Veteran Suicide Awareness and Prevention at 6 events.
Local Level (1) – South Sound Community and Military Partnerships (virtual)
Statewide (4) – Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (virtual)
WDVA Provider Conference (Lake Chelan, WA)
Eastern Washington Veterans Task Force (virtual)
DBHR Behavioral Health Service Provider Listening Session (virtual)
National (1) – National Conference of State Legislatures (Seattle, WA)

Vet Corps

FY 21-22

565 veterans served by Vet Corps
63 v
eteran family members served by Vet Corps
veterans who complete a mutually-agreed upon goal
 veterans engaged in National Service for the first time
veteran National Service participants who secure employment as a result of their term of service

Veteran Owned Businesses

FY 21-22

1,963 VOBs certified to date
160 new certifications
3,984 outreach and consultation contacts with TSM's, partners, and agency purchasing offices
17 outreach events to transitioning service members, partners, and agency purchasing offices
3 entrepreneurship partner events hosted

Veterans In-State Service Shared Leave Program


1506.73 hours VISSLP used

$53,245.42 disbursed

Veterans Innovations Program (VIP)

FY 21-22

54 veterans transitioned to employment
75 assisted with homeless, eviction, or foreclosure prevention
19 Transitioned to education
40 assisted with prevention of utility shut off or turn back on
12 assisted with transportation needs

Veterans Training Support Center (VTSC)

FY 21-22
949 attendees at 43 events, 125 were veterans
507 survey respondents
479 respondents satisfied with training delivery and facilitation
474 respondents gained skills and knowledge they will use

Veterans Transitional Housing Program

FY 21-22
111 veterans enrolled
18 job placements
54 housing placements

Walla Walla Veterans Home

Serves 80 residents.