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Heather Simpler
Counseling & Wellness Programs Manager

Joey Massa
Training Coordinator

Veterans Training Support Center
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FY 22-23:


1164 attendees at 54 events, 165 of those attendees identified as veterans. 

717 survey respondents

685 of survey respondents were satisfied with delivery and facilitation of the trainings.

680 of survey respondents gained skills and knowledge they will use. 

  • Number of Survey Respondents
    • Year over year increase: 29%
  • Veterans who attended the workshop
    • Year over year increase: 24%
  • Family of veterans who attended the workshop.
    • Year over year increase: 32%
  • Survey: Number of respondents who are satisfied with delivery and facilitation
    • Year over year increase: 30%
  • Survey: Number of respondents who gain skills and knowledge they will use TO SUPPORT VETERANS.
    • Year over year increase: 30%
  • Number of Attendees overall:
    • Year over year increase: 18%
  • Number of Events overall:
    • Year over year increase: 20%

"Advancing Understanding of Veterans and Their Family Members"

The Veterans Training Support Center (VTSC) stands at the forefront of a transformative movement within the Washington Department of Veterans Affairs Counseling & Wellness Programs. Our commitment is unwavering: advancing understanding of veterans and their families. We work to achieve this by offering workshops on topics that impact or support this community, including the often-unseen battles with Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Moral Injury. We champion a call to action for employers, service providers, and leaders across all sectors—public, private, and academic—to forge and implement innovative best practices. These practices are designed to uplift and empower veterans as they navigate their personal journeys, academic endeavors, and professional aspirations.

VTSC actively seeks the collaboration of subject matter experts to lead workshops, available both in-person and online, to share insights and strategies that support our veterans’ growth and success.

Our mission is resolute—to arm those dedicated to “Serving Those Who Served” with cutting-edge knowledge and resources. Accredited by the American Psychological Association, VTSC is a beacon of continuing education for behavioral health professionals, ensuring our responsibility to this program and its impactful content is not only maintained but also thrives.


Welcome to the VTSC!

Interested in submitting a workshop proposal to VTSC?

VTSC accepts workshop proposals in three categories:

1) Behavioral Health (Continuing Education): This includes all therapy modalities/interventions, understanding concepts/terms, and any promising best practice(s). These trainings will be reviewed and approved by our Continuing Education Review Board.

2) Specialty Workshops: Focused on identities, experiences, or situations that supports our mission of 'advancing understanding and knowledge of veterans and their families.'

3) Workshops for Veterans &/or Their Families: These workshops are opportunities to support the veteran and their families in their transition and their second mission.


The VTSC is funded by the WDVA.