LEARN Suicide Prevention

Training Description

Veterans face enormous challenges as they transition from military to civilian life. Family members, friends, and colleagues of veterans also face unique challenges in supporting those who served. COVID-19 presents new anxieties that may compound these factors. Forefront’s LEARN Saves Lives for Veterans training, developed in partnership with the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs, offers perspective on the unique challenges Veterans and their families face and teaches essential skills for support and suicide prevention, specifically tailored to those who have served, their loved ones, and those who work with or support them.

The LEARN Steps:

Look for Signs

Empathize and Listen

Ask Directly About Suicide

Reduce the Dangers

Next Steps

Detailed Agenda:

  1. Introduction and public health issue of suicide
  2. Covers risk factors and experiences specific to veterans
  3. Suicide prevention skills using Forefront’s LEARN model
  4.  Includes imminent harm by lethal means (such as firearms)
  5. Prevention approaches practice
  6. Gives participants an opportunity to practice suicide prevention skills with their peers
Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
1.5 Hours
Objectives of Training
Explain suicide's impact and understand why people die by suicide.
LEARN suicide prevention skills.
Integrate prevention approaches into your personal and professional life scribe your event.
Training Platform
Resources and Additional Information

Click here for a downloadable version of Forefront Suicide Prevention LEARN Skills for Adults.

Click here to download and print the Forefront Suicide Prevention LEARN® LEARN Wallet Card for Adults. 

Click here to download and print the Forefront Suicide Prevention LEARN® LEARN Wallet Card for Youth. 

View and download Forefront Suicide Prevention LEARN®  Skills for social media. 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 988
Press 1 for Veterans.
Press 2 for Spanish.

Crisis Text Line: 741741, text ‘heal’.

Click here for more crisis lines and treatment resources.


The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a network of local crisis lines. Usually calls are answered by local lines. This means that the crisis counselor you talk to may know about local resources.