Serving Those Who Served Conference

August 1 & 2, 2018 - FLYER

Information from the 2017 Conference:

Justice Involved Veterans - Plenary Session  

Powerpoint  and 
Mental Health Services in DOC

Video - Part One - 
Part Two - Part Three
Addressing Homelessness           Powerpoint  
Triwest and VA Choice Program         Powerpoint  Video
VA Modernization   Powerpoint  Video
Military Culture Powerpoint   
Moral Injury / Soul Repair      Powerpoint  Video
Life Cycle of a Claim         Powerpoint  Video    
Part One     Part Two
Veterans Employment & YesVets        Powerpoint  Video
Supporting National Guard & Reserves     Powerpoint       Video
Traumatic Brain Injuries: TBI 101        Powerpoint Video      
Part One    -  Part Two
WDVA Programs - Plenary Session    Powerpoint     Video      
Part One
Part Two  - Part Three
Apprenticeships: The Original Four Year Degree Powerpoint Video     
Part One   -  Part Two
Women and Minorties in the VA   Powerpoint Video
Better Understanding PTS (D)     Powerpoint Video
Veterans In Agriculture / Veterans Farm    Powerpoint Video
Part One    -  Part Two
Suicide Prevention/Suicide Safety    Powerpoint Video
Part One    -  Part Two
Improving Health Care for LGBT     Video
Higher Education & Prior Learning Assessments  Powerpoint Video
Cemetery and Burial Benefits  Powerpoint Video
County Specific Topics - Best Practices/Creating Regional Strategic Partnerships         Powerpoint (Steve Gill / Cat Nichols)
As Nature, of Nature and For Nature: Restoring Biodiversity   Powerpoint Video     
Part One    -  Part Two
Service Animals             Powerpoint Video
Veteran Homelessness and Housing Programs Powerpoint