Veterans Farm at Orting

In September of 2015 we broke ground on the Veterans Farm at Orting.  

The Veterans Farm will focus on teaching veterans interested in agricultural industries how to thrive.  There will be several plots available for veterans transitions to explore farming as a future.

Check the WDVA Calendar for Upcoming classes!

The following proposed uses are possibilities for further development:

  • Wildcrafting of Mushrooms & Berries
  • Coppices of Ash, Willow and other Natives for Fodder, Biomass, Biochar
  • Multi-functional Hedgerow Conservation Plantings for Food, Fiber, Medicinals, Habitat and Erosion Control
  • DOT/ CNLM Native Seed Nursery at East end of Agriculture Lots (see #5)
  • Six 1⁄2 acre Agriculture Lots for Veteran Production
  • Wildcraft Seed Nursery on Back 5 Acres
  • Production for Soldier's Home Kitchen from Agriculture Land
  • Salvage Demolition of House on Back 5 acres and of Garfeild Barracks with Team Rubicon, etc.
  • Rearing Livestock in Pasture and Forested Edges for Blackberry, White Oak, Scotch Broom Control
  • Value Added Deciduous Tree Milling
  • Biochar Production
  • Swale and Hugel Building as Erosion Control and Drought Mitigation 
  • Use of Scotch Broom and Other Aggressive Plants as Biomass/Volatile Oil Crop Production
  • Animal Feed Production, Including Aggressives and Conservation Crops: Ash, Grains, Oak, Duckweed, Dock, Etc.
  • Trail Building and Plant Salvage
  • Mushroom & Berry Cultivation
  • Aboriculture & Silviculture Training
  • Challenge Ropes Course
  • Aquaculture Program at Fish Pond
  • Compost Facility
  • WSU Puyallup Campus Connection
  • Tree Seed and Nut Cropping
  • Draft/Therapy Horse Logging and Field Management 
  • Green Building Program to Build Needed Facilities for Program. 
  • + several others!

Our deepest gratitude goes out to the following who sent hundreds of volunteers and supplies to make this project a reality!

  • Home Depot
  • Expedia
  • Westcare
  • Team Rubicon
  • The Mission Continues
  • Vets Cafe
  • WSU

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