Counseling Survivors: Healing PTSD in a Multicultural Context

Training Description

For years, practitioners have been aware of the importance of understanding multicultural issues when intervening and assessing clients. With the veteran and traumatized client group, multicultural issues can also be used effectively as a tool to assist in psychotherapy recovery efforts. This presentation focuses not only on multicultural variations of different clients and the importance of recognizing the veteran/military culture as a subculture in counseling, but also helps practitioners better identify their own cultural biases and values while in the role of assisting in the recovery efforts of their clients. A mixture of lecture and experiential exercises will be utilized.

The presentation will also address aspects of assessment to consider when addressing cultural issues, as well as suggestions for incorporating appropriate cultural healing within an intervention plan for different client groups.

Training for Mental & Behavioral Health Professionals: This workshop is open to professionals with mental and behavioral health-related graduate degrees (e.g., MSW, MA, MS, MSN), physicians, dentists, and psychologists (e.g., AMA, ADA, APA), and those professionals who are qualified for membership in, or are members of their respective professional organizations. Graduate students in an accredited mental or behavioral health program may also participate in this training.

Length of Training
6 Hours
Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
Objectives of Training
Learn the different levels of enculturation and cultural competence when approaching your own clinical or counseling practice
Discover three areas to consider when assessing clients from different cultures and the continuum of enculturation
Identify three of your own culture-of-origin values and characteristics that contribute to your style of interaction with clients
Identify five follow-up actions you plan to incorporate into your psychotherapy practice as a result of this training
Training Platform