Veterans Transitional Housing Program

The Veterans Transitional Housing Program are in Port Orchard and Orting, WA. 

The transitional housing facility is available to assist those in need of stable housing, vocational rehabilitation, and increased income potential. Veterans are surrounded with supportive staff and wrap-around services designed to lead to their successful completion of the program and a successful return to the community.

The Veterans Transitional Housing Program focuses on three goals:

• Increased residential stability of participants
• Greater self-determination of participants
• Increased skill level and income potential of participants

Eligibility for Admission

• Served in any branch of the US Armed Forces
• Received an Honorable or General Under Honorable Discharge
• Homeless for one or more nights
• Clean and sober for at least the last 30 days
• Desire to lead a clean and sober lifestyle
• Desire to make meaningful life changes leading to independent living
• Willing to undergo criminal background check

Most veterans are referred by the Federal VA Medical Center,  and the Grant and Per Diem (GPD) Liaison, Tony Sparber, who can be reached at 253 348 1475. Veterans may also call the Homeless program at the American Lakes main line, at (253) 583-2825 for information and referral.   Because we are a VA Grant and Per Diem Program, Randy screens applicants at the Federal VA level and routes them to the Transitional Housing Program for Veterans .  We also accept community referrals through Dennis Brown.  Veterans may contact 360-895-4371 or email for more information.



Case Management:

Veterans in the program work in a collaborative partnership with case managers to form an individualized case plan. Accountability, progress in achieving case plan goals, and abiding by program rules are cornerstones to continuation in the program.

On-Site Chemical Dependency Services:

Veterans in the program have access to individual and group chemical dependency services, including AA and NA groups. The program is a zero tolerance environment, with random drug and alcohol testing.

On-Site Mental Health Services:

Veterans in the program have access to mental health services to identify issues that need to be addressed and to develop a course
of treatment. The treatment plan may include individual and/or group mental health services. Part of the treatment may include life skills training and community volunteer work.

On-Site Job Center

An on-site job center is available to veterans in the program, providing access to computers, Internet, e-mail, voicemail, and fax services.
Employment and training services are provided collaboratively by program staff, WorkSource, volunteers, community providers, and the local business community. Employment services include vocational guidance, job readiness skills, computer familiarity, computer-assisted job search, Internet and e-mail guidance, resume development, and job referrals.


There is a van to transport veterans in the program to case management related appointments. The Port Orchard facility is also located on bus lines and is accessible from the Seattle area by ferry.

Women Veterans Wing

The Women Veterans Wing provides more privacy and security for Women Veterans participating in the Transitional Housing Program by offering a separate housing wing dedicated to serving the needs of Women Veterans.