War Trauma Counseling Program FAQ

Welcome to the Washington Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA), War Trauma Counseling Program web page. The following information will help guide you to no cost, professional counseling services.  

What is the War Trauma Program?

The War Trauma Program, also known as the PTSD Counseling Program, provides no cost, clinical, out-patient confidential counseling. Our services are different than those offered at the Federal VA.

Who is qualified to access counseling services?

Veterans who have a discharge of General or Honorable and have served during a war era qualify for counseling. Those who have an Other Than Honorable Discharge because of a mental health related issue qualify. War-affected National Guard and reservists also qualify for services, and family members can also be seen through the program as long as the issue is military-related.
Note: King County Residents - To be eligible for services or resources, you must be a veteran (served at least one day in the military, any discharge type), service member, or respective family member living in King County.

How do I find a War Trauma Program Counselor?

On the WDVA website you will see a link to PTSD Counselors and find the Counseling and Wellness Counselor Directory. You can search for a counselor by county.

Who are War Trauma Program Counselors?

A War Trauma Counselor is a licensed mental health professional who has graduate level training in a counseling-related field and is licensed to practice in the state of Washington. Some of the providers are veterans or family members of veterans. All providers are military and veteran cultural competent.

How do I schedule an appointment with a War Trauma Counselor?

Call the counselor and leave your contact information. Call the provider at the number located in the directory. Feel free to ask questions of the counselor, learn about their practice and what services they provide.

What documents are required to qualify for services?

At your first session you will be required to present a copy of the veterans DD Form 214 or NG Form 22. If you are in a domestic violence situation and cannot obtain a copy of the veterans DD Form 214 then your counselor will work with you to provide a statement.

Are counseling sessions confidential?

Counseling sessions are private and confidential between you and the counselor.

What information is being released to the WDVA?

A client intake form which contains demographic information and an outcome questionnaire. Both forms are anonymous.

Am I responsible for any costs?
The Washington Department of Veterans Affairs, War Trauma Program covers the cost of your counseling sessions. If you are a resident of King County, counseling services are covered through the King County Seniors, Veterans and Human Services Levy.
What if I have other questions about the War Trauma Program?
You are welcome to contact the Counseling and Wellness Programs Director

Director, Counseling & Wellness Programs

Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs

Office: (360)-725-2220