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How can agencies track whether they are meeting the Agency Procurement from Veteran Owned Businesses target contained in Executive Order 19-01 and Executive Order 22-01?

(…5% of all procurement contracts to certified veteran-owned businesses…)

  • Use the Fiscal Year Agency Contracting Report to count the % of contracts that are awarded to Veteran Owned Businesses.  Fill in the ‘Small Business Status’ field and indicate whether the business is a Veteran Owned Business.
  • After you submit your report to DES, let WDVA know what your percentage is.
  • More information about agency contract reporting.
  • Information on Contracting & Purchasing Policies, Training and Resources.

How can agencies locate Certified Veteran Owned Businesses?

What if the business is owned by a veteran but not Certified by Washington State?

 How can agencies track how much has been spent with Diverse Businesses?

How can agencies find Master Contracts that are Veteran, Minority or Women owned?