Ann Marie Roepke Ph.D.

Ann Marie Roepke, PhD, works in the areas of positive psychology, well-being, resilience, and stress-related growth.  Her research and practice focus on developing innovative ways to help people not only survive, but thrive, in challenging circumstances.  She earned her doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center under the mentorship of Martin Seligman, a founder of the field of positive psychology, and Angela Duckworth, a leading expert in grit.  Dr. Roepke has designed and tested multiple programs that use positive psychology concepts and strategies to help people overcome adversity and build meaningful lives. Dr. Roepke now works as a postdoctoral fellow in the Veterans Administration Puget Sound Health Care System (Seattle Division), doing research and clinical care focused on integrating positive psychology interventions into practice with Veterans.  She has provided talks, workshops, and consultation about positive psychology, well-being, resilience, positive education, motivational interviewing, and stress-related growth to diverse audiences including educators, businesspeople, clinicians, and non-profit workers.  She is passionate about using experiential learning approaches to assist providers in deepening their understanding of resilience, growth, and well-being.