Julz Carey

Julz Carey
Women Veterans Advisory Committee Member
Committee Position/Title
Committee Member

Dates of Service
Branch of Service
US Coast Guard
Personal Statement Regarding Serving On the Committee
Women veterans have long been ignored and forgotten. It is up to us to make sure every woman who served has the opportunity to receive the benefits she earned.
Major Achievements On the Committee
Outreach, advocacy, and education to the women veterans in our community.
Lifetime Accomplishments
Achieving the rank of Chief Boatswain Mate.
Being elected as President of American Veterans for Equal Rights, the nation’s oldest LGBTQ Veterans Service Organization. Cooperation with the Military Outreach.
Committee Family Initiative and a DOD Comprehensive. Review Working Group leading.
to the Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.
Successfully operating a small business for over 10 years.
Major Events In Life
Being one of the first 24 women assigned to a US combatant ship.
Retiring from the US Coast Guard.
Marrying the woman I love.
Becoming a grandparent.