Suicide Prevention Community-based Services Grant Account

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To learn more about the account and the program, please complete the program inquiry form and the program grant specialist will reach out to you.

Suicide prevention community-based services grant program.

Washington is home to 544,290 veterans, 78,640 service members, and over 2,000,000 Military and Veteran family members. The Military and Veteran community faces a much higher risk of suicide than the general population. Despite being 7% of the Washington population, Veterans account for 18% of total suicides in the state. Upstream, peer-support models have been proven to be effective for preventing Military and Veteran suicide. Washington grows many community programs dedicated to providing peer services that assist Veterans and Military Members in addressing mental health and wellness impacts of military service, trauma, moral injury, and transition to civilian life.

The State Legislature created the Suicide Prevention Community-Based Services Grant Program under RCW 43.60A.260  to award grants to community organizations that provide suicide prevention, peer support, and other assistance to at-risk and transitioning Veterans, Military Members and their families in their communities. The grant will prioritize peer support models of suicide prevention.

Where do the funds come from?

The Veteran and Military Member Suicide Prevention Account was created under RCW 43.60A.270 and will consist of funds appropriated by the legislature, revenues received from the Prevent Veteran Suicide emblem under RCW 46.18.300, and all receipts from gifts, grants, or other donations from the public and private sources.

How is it used or accessed?

  • The funds will be used for activities dedicated to the benefit of veteran and military member suicide education and prevention, including:
    • Expanding The Washington State Department of Veteran Affairs’ peer corps program.
    • Providing programs, peer support, and services that assist veterans and military embers in addressing mental health and wellness impacts of military service, trauma, moral injury, and transition to civilian life.
    • Funding the suicide prevention community-based service grant program.              

How to donate to the account? 

Mail check to:

WDVA Attn: Accounts Receivable
P.O. Box 41150
Olympia, WA 98504-1150
Note in memo: Donation to 27H - Veterans and Military Members Suicide Prevention Acct

Online: Follow this link “Donate to the State of Washington” (or use the QR code below) and complete the online donation process with a credit card or bank account. Be sure to indicate that your donation will be going to the following fund: “27H - Veterans and Military Members Suicide Prevention Acct”

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