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2022-23 Vet Corps Member List

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This program received funding from the King County Veterans, Seniors & Human Services Levy.




FY 22-23

# veterans served by Vet Corps:  814

# veteran family members served by Vet Corps:  71

# veterans who complete a mutually-agreed upon goal:  449

# veterans engaged in National Service for the first time:  0

# veteran National Service participants who secure employment as a result of their term of service:  5

Welcome to Vet Corps

VetCorps Cohort

The Washington State Department of Veteran Affairs (WDVA) Vet Corps program is funded by AmeriCorps. Started in 2005, the program stations individuals, referred as Vet Corps members (VCM’s), at colleges, universities, and community organizations throughout Washington state. The program is specifically designed to help veterans and their family members navigate their journey as they transition from military to civilian/collegiate life. As part of the program a Vet Corps member, typically a veteran or a military-connected family member, provides a peer connection for veterans to help answer specific questions or concerns they may have as they transition, and assists with connecting them to federal, state, and local veteran benefits. Additionally, Vet Corps provides training and support to faculty, staff, administration, and community members to increase awareness of veterans’ needs.


“Being a Vet Corps member was a truly transformative experience. I wasn't just able to help other veterans navigate through their experience in the civilian world, I was able to work through and heal from my own experiences from serving.” - Vet Corps Alum


What does a Vet Corps Member do?

Through training and peer-to-peer support, Vet Corps member’s support student veterans, veterans in the community, and military families by building on shared experiences and creating supportive relationships. This invaluable assistance, in turn, provides veterans with information about services available or assists veterans with navigating processes that can be overwhelming to navigate on their own.

The role of the Vet Corps member depends, in part, on the needs and existing resources for veterans at their site. For example, they may play a larger role in assisting student-veterans in obtaining financial aid on campuses that do not have a veteran’s center or staff dedicated to addressing financial need of student veterans. At sites where those services already exist, the Vet Corps Member assumes different roles. Vet Corps Members are supported by and accountable to their Site Supervisor and Regional Coordinator.


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Vet Corps Receives Pillars of Excellence Award from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

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