Vietnam Veteran Receives Electric Wheel Chair

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Date: April 28, 2016 Program/Location: Rural Veterans Coordination

Who did you help? Michael is a Vietnam veteran who served in the United States Navy. During his time in the Navy he served on the USS Mars.

How did you help them or how is their situation improved? Michael was diagnosed with type two diabetes. He first lost his toe; then due to an infection he lost his entire right leg and because of financial difficulties, was unable to purchase an electric wheel chair. With the help of a Korean War veteran, we have been able to gift him the electric wheel chair.

What makes this story noteworthy or different?

As soon as this veteran was discharged from the hospital, WestCare and the Veterans Opportunity Center, provided an electric scooter along with an easy access ramp for his vehicle.

What do you want people to know about your program? How can people apply for help?

WDVA is always trying to help veterans in need. Contact Edgar Rivera, Rural Veterans Coordination Pilot Program Navigator., or 509-492-0650




Veteran Opportunity Center or 509-545-6558